Eloquii Rewards Member Agreement

We’re excited you’d like to join the ELQ Rewards program! There are some things we’d like you to know so you can take full advantage of the ELQ Rewards program. Most importantly, when you sign up or use the program, you’re accepting the terms of this Agreement. Please read through and you’ll see that we’ve explained things as quickly and as simply as we can about how the ELQ Rewards program works.

What We Mean When We Say . . .

  • “You” – We mean you of course, the individual signing up for the ELQ Rewards program! We also mean anyone who uses your login in using the program.
  • “Us”, “We,” “Our” or “Eloquii” – We’re referring to Eloquii Design, Inc. and any subsidiaries of Eloquii Design, Inc., but friends like you can just call us Eloquii.
  • “Eloquii Sites” – We mean www.eloquii.com and the [Eloquii mobile app], but we think it’s best to just use Eloquii Sites.

How Do You Earn ELQ Reward Dollars?

Now it’s time to get to the good stuff. You’re eligible to start earning ELQ Reward Dollars after you have enrolled in the ELQ Rewards program. Once logged into an Eloquii Site, or after having your app scanned by an associate in an Eloquii store, for every $1 you spend on the subtotal of your purchase (after any discounts have been applied), you earn 0.10 ELQ Reward Dollars. For those who like math symbols, that’s $1 = 0.10 ELQ Reward Dollars. As an extra dash of savings, we’ll round up to the nearest whole ELQ Reward Dollar or penny. So if your purchase cost $50.51, you’ll earn 5.06 ELQ Reward Dollars (note that we round up the last penny).

We don’t credit you ELQ Reward Dollars for that portion of your purchase that went to government taxes, shipping charges, or other line items that are not the "subtotal".

Are There Any Exclusions for Purchases That Will Earn Me ELQ Reward Dollars?

No fine print here! As long as you’re logged in and have completed a purchase on an Eloquii Site, or you have had your app scanned in store, then you’ll be earning ELQ Reward Dollars. So, earn away!

When Can You Use Reward Dollars? Reward dollars earned from a purchase will be credit to your ELQ Rewards account within 72 hours of your order shipping after your order ships.

I Have ELQ Reward Dollars, How Do I Use Them?

Now you can get on with saving! You can use your ELQ Reward Dollars at any time—there are no blackout periods around here.

Once your ELQ Reward Dollars have been credited to your account, ELQ Reward Dollars can be used to receive a discount off the subtotal of your purchase. Reward dollars can be used for discounts at the rate of 1 ELQ Reward Dollar = $0.10. So, if you have a purchase subtotal of $100, and you’d like to use 500 ELQ Reward Dollars to discount your purchase, then the discounted subtotal after applying your ELQ Reward Dollars would be $50. Your ELQ Reward Dollars cannot be applied for discounts off any government taxes, shipping charges, other line items that are not the “subtotal.”

Redeeming is easy! When shopping in the app or online, we’ll display your available ELQ Reward Dollars in your cart. Check the box next to the Rewards to apply them to your order. When shopping in store, let the associate know you have a Reward to apply, and present your ELQ Rewards barcode via the app.

For those deal finders out there, you can certainly combine discounts from using ELQ Reward Dollars with other promotions to maximize your savings.

Reward Dollars Expire After 12 Months, So Be Sure to Use Them!

Your ELQ Reward Dollars will expire after 12 months from the date of your last reward activity—that is, earning or using ELQ Reward Dollars using your ELQ Rewards account as part of a purchase.

If you cancel your ELQ Rewards account, then any ELQ Reward Dollars in your account are forfeited.

Everything Sounds Fantastic, How Do I Sign Up?

It’s pretty simple. You can join the ELQ Rewards program exclusively through the ELOQUII mobile app. Once you have downloaded the app, if you already have an ELOQUII account, just log in and click the “Start Earning” button on the next page. If you don’t have an account yet, you can create one inside the app.

We’ve saved the best for last: there’s no charge to become an ELQ Rewards program member!

Reward Dollars Don’t Have Cash Value.

To make the ELQ Rewards program as straightforward as possible, we’ve referred to earning an ELQ Reward Dollar for every dollar spent and using ELQ Reward Dollars for dollar discounts off of purchases. But to be clear: ELQ Reward Dollars don’t have a cash value, which means that you can’t exchange ELQ Reward Dollars for cash. If your ELQ Reward Dollars expire or if we terminate or suspend the ELQ Rewards program, or if you otherwise can’t use ELQ Reward Dollars or don’t want to use ELQ Reward Dollars, then you’re not entitled to store or online credit, a cash refund, a refund of the amount of a purchase that earned you any ELQ Reward Dollars, or any other consideration.

What Happens to My ELQ Reward Dollars If I Need to Cancel an Order or Return a Purchase?

If your ELQ Reward Dollars are pending or have been credited to your ELQ Rewards account and you cancel an order or return a purchase, then we’ll go ahead and deduct the ELQ Reward Dollars from your balance. If there are not enough ELQ Reward Dollars available in your ELQ Rewards account, it will result in a negative reward balance. Subsequent eligible purchases will work your status back to a positive balance. Negative ELQ Reward Dollars do not expire.

Any ELQ Reward Dollars that you redeemed on the item(s) returned will be re-added to your balance within a few business days of the date that the refund is posted.

If you cancel or return only a portion of your order, we’ll only cancel those ELQ Reward Dollars that equal the subtotal amount for the portion of the order that you cancelled or returned. Here’s an example: If you purchased a dress for $80.41 and a pair of socks for $4.99, then you’d earn 854 ELQ Reward Dollars. If you loved the dress but needed to return the socks, then within 7 days of the date that we finish processing your return, we’d deduct 50 ELQ Reward Dollars from your ELQ Reward Dollars balance.

Can I Transfer My ELQ Reward Dollars to Another Person?

No. Rewards cannot be transferred and are valid only for the account that earned them.

We Can Change the Loyalty Program or This Agreement at Any Time.

They say that the only constant in life is change—we’re not philosophers, but we can say that circumstances will probably arise in the future that will cause us to change the ELQ Rewards program or this Agreement. We may even need to end the program, which would be a sad day for us. There are also circumstances, such as technical failures or times when an Eloquii Site is not operating, where you may not be able to fully enjoy ELQ Rewards program features or benefits.

Because we can’t predict the future (wouldn’t that be a nice purchase on Eloquii!), we need to have full discretion to make changes, and we can’t promise that you’ll always be able to enjoy any or all of the benefits and features of the ELQ Rewards program.

Please Don’t Do Bad Things in Using the ELQ Rewards Program.

We’ve found that our customers are great people and smart dressers. But if you should do something that could present a risk or a problem for us or for other customers, then we have the right to take whatever action that is legal and appropriate to address the problem.

We can’t list all of the bad things that you are prohibited from doing, so we reserve the right to make these decisions in our discretion. But you won’t be surprised to know, as examples, that anything that could be illegal, fraudulent, a violation of this Agreement, or harm the reputation of Eloquii or the ELQ Rewards program would be circumstances where we would have the right to take action.

We will use our discretion in deciding which actions to take, but as examples, we may suspend or terminate your membership, cancel your ELQ Reward Dollars, or even take legal action if your actions are really serious.

You agree to be responsible, which could mean that you’re financially responsible, for any issues that result from your use of the ELQ Rewards program in a way that would not be permitted under this Agreement, including illegal actions or actions that harm others.

Our Limitation of Liability

We certainly don’t want you surprised, so we’ll say this as clearly as we can: Eloquii is not liable, meaning Eloquii is not responsible, for any losses or problems you may experience in using the ELQ Rewards program. That doesn’t mean we won’t try to make things right if you should have a problem. Please contact us using the contact information we’ve provided at the end of this Agreement.

Keep in Mind, Other Agreements Besides This Apply.

We want to keep this Agreement as short as possible, so you can get back to shopping. But we want to be sure you remember that you’ve made other agreements with us when you use Eloquii Sites. These other agreements also apply to your ELQ Rewards program membership and could modify or add to what we’ve stated in this Agreement.

Please particularly remember:

  • You’ve agreed to Eloquii’s Terms of Use. This Agreement forms a part of the Terms of Use to the extent you use the ELQ Rewards program. This means that all of the Terms of Use also apply to this Agreement.
    • For example, the Terms of Use contain a mandatory arbitration provision that, as further explained in the Terms of Use, requires the use of arbitration on an individual basis to resolve disputes. This means that you and Eloquii each give up our rights to sue each other in court or in class actions.
    • Also, in the Terms of Use, you’ll find warranty disclaimers (which make clear the limits of our obligations relating to the Eloquii Sites) and your indemnification obligations (which sets out your responsibility to defend us at your cost if you do things that aren’t permitted by the Terms of Use).
    • If for some reason there’s a conflict in the terms of this Agreement and the Terms of Use, then the Terms of Use will control.
  • You’ve acknowledged receipt of the Eloquii Privacy Policy, which applies to the information that we collect about you.

Please Contact Us with Any Questions or Concerns.

We think ELQ Rewards program members like you are some of our best customers, so we certainly want to address any questions or concerns you may have.

You can contact us by email, phone, or the tried-and-true U.S. mail. Here’s our contact information: https://www.eloquii.com/contactus.

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