#XOQ Photo Sharing FAQ

How do I share photos of myself and my friends wearing ELOQUII?

Great question. Simply use the #XOQ hashtag to tag your photos on instagram. For example, if you or your friends are wearing your new favorite dress from and you want to share it with us, tag your photo #XOQ, then share it via instagram. By participating in this and submitting your photo, you acknowledge and give your consent to ELOQUII that your photos and your name and likeness, and the name and likeness of anyone else shown in such photos may be featured on, and be used to link through to the products you’re wearing as well as on the product detail page for the corresponding product. You further agree that your photo will be considered a “Submission” and subject to the terms and conditions of our Terms of Use, including, without limitation, Section 5 "User Submissions".

What if I don’t see the photos I tagged on

There are a few ways to make sure your photos get posted on First, check to see if your instagram account is public – if it’s private we can’t see you or your pictures! Next, make sure you used the #XOQ hashtag with your pictures. Please note that pictures don’t always show up immediately after being submitted and they are constantly being refreshed and replaced by new pictures. We are able to host a limited number of pictures at any one time and not all images tagged and shared will be featured on The better your image is, the more likely it will be featured on – i.e. Instagramming in the dark may not be your best bet. ELOQUII reserves the right not to post images that violate our privacy policy or terms of use.

Who owns the photos once I have submitted them?

If you shared the photo, you own it. However, by tagging and sharing your pictures, you agree that your photo will be considered a "Submission" and that you grant us the rights in the Submission as described in our terms of use.

Can my photo be removed from

If there is a photo that you want taken down simply click the text link “Report Photo” to the left of the image. A dialogue box will pop up asking for the reason you’re reporting it and your email address. Once we receive your request, and confirm it, we’ll use commercially reasonable efforts to remove the photo from

Are you collecting my personal information?

When you submit a photo to #XOQ gallery via instagram, your use of instagram is governed by its terms and conditions. Any information you provide to us will be used in accordance with our terms of use and privacy policy